Jardin Tea is a unique tea and coffee house in the heart of Seattle that infuses all the unique culinary flavors that the founders have acquired traveling the world into a fun and unique menu only found at Jardin Tea. 


The vision for Jardin Tea grew from the founders' travels around the world and the desire to bring the unique artisanal drinks and food ideas they experienced there back to serve the locals in their community.


The founders spent one month at tea farms in Asia learning from tea masters how to select and brew tea leaves to ensure that every product is optimal in taste and quality.  Every drink is made strong and authentically brewed with 100% loose leaves.  Jardin Tea strives to bring only the best to our customers no matter the cost - as can be seen in the Ceremonial Grade Matcha in all our Matcha drinks. 


The merging of tea and coffee was also developed over many months by the founders, and resulted in a fresh and unique menu of drinks that are a hybrid of the two - like the Dalgona Matcha  Coffee Latte. 


Jardin Tea's delicious desserts and food options are just as unique and high quality - a perfect compliment to our drinks!




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