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Loose Leaf & Specialty Tea

Bring home the Jardin Tea experience today with our premium loose-leaf tea, handcrafted signature blends and exotic exclusive offerings. Browse the whole collection and purchase at our shop (online ordering coming soon)!

Looking to learn more about tea steeping technique?  Just click on the below button to access Jardin Tea's Tea-ducation page.



Milky Way Earl Grey (Black)

An earl grey blend with warm vanilla and cream to smooth out the citrus notes of traditional Earl Grey. You will melt into the universe of Milky Way Earl Grey.


Mango-nificent Tea (Black)

Fresh fragrant mango complemented by Ceylon black tea brings you a juicy floral aromatic and fruity sweetness.


Genmaicha Verte Tea (Green/Matcha)

Toasty blend of sencha and roasted rice genmaicha combined with delicately grassy Uji-grown matcha make for robust and vibrant cup of tea. Warm, earthy, and energizing – the umami in this tea is not to be missed.


Ginseng Hills Tea (Green)

Elevate your taste buds to a fresh and crisp hillside with this green tea and ginseng blend that warms up with a lingering ginger ending.  Earthy and sweet yet refreshingly calming.


Strawberry Roses Forever Tea (Herbal)

Each sip is like taking in the scent of sweet strawberry and sugared roses flowing from the strawberry fields as you relax on your porch by the rose bushes on a beautiful warm summer day.  Sweet and fruity goodness the whole way through. (Caffeine-Free)

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Dragon Passion Tea (Herbal)

A taste of the exotic Dragon Fruit with a refreshingly fruity sweetness in this tea will take you to hot sunny tropics, where this cacti fruit calls home. (Caffeine-Free)


A La Peach Tea (Black)

Delectable peach-nectar essence as you sip, transporting you to those warm summer days laying under a peach tree.


Lychee Rose Bellini Tea (Green)

A delicate balance of Lychee Rose Green tea in every elegantly fragrant sip of this tea. With flavors of rose, grape and melon, the perfect cup of afternoon tea to mellow out.


Shangri-La Dreams Tea (Green)

The closest feeling to experiencing the enduring happiness and peacefulness of Shangri-La - an effervescent blend of green tea that starts with a refreshing burst of lemon and orange zest and finishes off with the coolness of mint and butterfly pea flower. 


Buddha Sutra Tea (White/Green)

Enlighten your taste buds with this gentle blend of white and green tea that ends with an elegant fruity and floral flavors to help you reach your daily dose of nirvana.


Lavender Lemonade Tea (Herbal)

An herbal blend to brighten your senses with an irresistible aroma that invites a smooth citrusy flavor, and gentle lavender to calm and sooth your mind with every sip. (Caffeine-Free)


Very Berry Tea (Herbal)

Invigorate yourself with this all-natural blend of fruits and spices that showcases the tartness of hibiscus flowers, rose hips, cranberries, and ends with the sweet fruitiness of forest berries.  (Caffeine-Free)

So many unique flavours to choose from. Got to try a few and they were all delicious! Not only are the drinks cute but the shop itself is so aesthetically pleasing! Employees were also very friendly. Will definitely visit again the next time I’m in town.

Tina Phan

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